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Hybrid course structure: Blended e-learning & face-to-face

MEDICAL STANDARD in cosmetic injecting education

Cosmetic medicine training pathway, with ongoing full support

Practical and easy to follow protocols, videos & more ++

Robust and highly detailed e-learning modules prior to your practical session

Winner! Best cosmetic injectable training provider in Australia!

ARAP accredited training provider
botox course for dentists doctors and Rns

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MEDICAL STANDARD in cosmetic medicine education

Practical and easy to follow protocols, videos & more ++

Winner! Best cosmetic injectable training provider in Australia!

ARAP accredited training provider

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training courses face to face or online?

All cosmetic injectable Courses and Personal Training Sessions are face to face. Dermal Distinctions Courses are held at 3 Belmore Road, Balwyn North, which is a state of the art accredited dental practice, including both clinical areas and a lecture room. Hands-on practical skills also ensure that your theoretical knowledge can be transferred to a real-life clinical setting, various skin types and skin conditions.
Private Training Appointments are held at the same location.
Webinars are recorded and will be provided to you on our website
We also offer a range of online courses to provide you with refresher knowledge, additional support and education.


What is the best course to do when starting out?

Most dentists like to start with the Complete Lip artistry course as this teaches you how to enhance the lips and peri-oral region, using both dermal filler and botulinum toxin. This is perfect as it is in the dental scope of practice, and integrates beautifully with cosmetic dentistry and putting the final touches on the smile.
Most RNs and doctors like to start with either the Botulinum Toxin course or the Complete Lip artistry course. The botulinum toxin is a gentle start into cosmetic injectables, allowing you to become familiar with cosmetic injections and the facial anatomy, whilst providing popular treatments for your patient. Again the Complete Lip Artistry course is great as it allows you to provide both dermal filler and Botulinum toxin injections in highly requested treatment areas of the face.


nurse scripting
I am a registered nurse. How do I get scripting?

We have great news! We have partnered with medical doctors, that provide scripting for you. Since quality is important to us and we know that it is important to you too, our medical doctors are working in the cosmetic injectable space, which means that they understand the treatments, risks and complications, to help guide you. Not only that, but they are available on the weekends too, to help support you in your clinical space when you need it most.



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  • Are there any pre-requisites or Compliance checks?
    Are there any pre-requisites for this course?

    The injectable courses are open to dentists, medical doctors and registered nurses ONLY and you MUST hold a current registration with AHPRA. DO NOT enrol in our courses if you are not currently registered with AHPRA as a medical doctor or dentist. We will immediately refund the course fees minus any payment-gateway fees. You should check that your insurance covers training for cosmetic injectable procedures prior to registering.

    What compliance checks do you undertake?

    Once you receive your e-Learning access, you will be asked to upload a copy of your current AHPRA registration and a copy of your drivers licence or passport. As part of our responsibility to ensure that we abide by the current legislation in Australia, we must ensure that you are registered in Australia to treat patients, use pharmaceuticals and that we can identify you. This is put in place to keep you safe, to keep our training academy compliant with Australian Law and to protect the public.
    We keep these records as part of your student profile, and do not use them for any purpose other than to identify you and your qualifications and registration.

  • Will CPD certificates be issued?
    Will CPD certificates be issued?

    Certificates identifying the CPD commitment are issued to Dentists, Doctors and registered nurses who have completed Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training Courses, Personalised Training Sessions or other Courses. Certificates are not issued for complimentary Webinars.
    Once you complete the e-learning modules, you will also be issued a certificate. This can be used to assist you with insurance, and also used to display in your clinic whilst you wait for the practical session.

  • How long can I access the e-learning material?
    How long can I access the e-learning material?

    You will have access to the e-learning modules for 12 months following your practical session. If there is a delay due to lockdowns or border restrictions and you cannot attend the practical, you don't need to worry. We will continue your access.
    At the practical session you will receive a printed manual for easy reference.
    Following the completion of the practical, you will receive FREE membership to our resource vault, mentor program, members chatroom and more. In the resource vault, we have marketing material, videos, protocols, charts and so much more available.

  • What do I need to bring?
    What do I need to bring?

    We need to ensure that all of our course participants are registered with AHPRA. Please bring your ID, such as a passport or drivers licence to the face-to-face training so that we may verify and record your attendance. There is no need for loupes, but we do recommend your regular protective glasses. There will be no photography or video recording allowed in the clinical sessions.

  • Can I start offering cosmetic injections to patients right away?
    Can I start offering cosmetic injections to patient right away?

    Dermal Distinction Cosmetic training is designed to give you the foundational skills to provide treatments after training. However, we recognise that all individuals learn at a different pace and some practitioners will require more study and time before proceeding with treatments.
    You will need to acquire the correct equipment and medications to proceed. It is mandatory that you comply with insurance requirements as set out by AHPRA, and only proceed with treatments that you are competent to undertake.
    We recommend building competence and building by regularly attending our coaching sessions. These sessions give you more concentrated time with your trainer to build your level of care and experience in cosmetic injecting.

  • What is your cancellation & refund policy?
    What is your cancellation & refund policy?

    + Our courses provide you with a significant e-learning experience before the clinical session. Once you have accessed the e-learning component, only the practical component will be refunded, to the amount of $800 (inc GST). Alternatively you may reschedule for a future course.
    + Provided you have NOT accessed the e-learning component:
    1. cancellations made 8 weeks or more prior to course commencement are subject to a 10% administration & pre-training material charge. This will cover processing and set up fees.
    2. cancellations 4-8 weeks of course commencement are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
    3. cancellations 2-4 weeks of course commencement are charged a 50% cancellation fee.
    4. cancellations within 2 weeks of course commencement are not refunded, but we may consider rescheduling your training to the next upcoming course if this is suitable.
    If you request to reschedule your course, and then require a cancellation, the original terms of the first reschedule will apply.

  • Are cosmetic injectables within my scope of practice as a dentist?
    Are cosmetic injectables within my scope of practice as a dentist?

    AHPRA have included the use of dermal filler and botulinum toxin in the documents for dentists. It is important that you continue to provide all the relevant examinations and provide information to patients when considering any treatment option, including botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. To read the fact sheet on botulinum toxin and dermal filler AHPRA documents, visit here.
    Our training does not provide endorsement or certification of your skills. You should use the AHPRA reflective practice tool when evaluating treatments that you perform within your scope of practice. This can be found here.

  • Course Accreditation and Facilities
    Our training facility is accredited

    On July 1, 2023, AHPRA has made strict stipulations about where cosmetic procedures should take place, and this also applies to our training facility. Each premise should have a "fit-for-purpose" structure, with safety and procedure readiness at the heart of the requirements. Our training facility and our lecture theatre are located in an Accredited dental practice. Our trainers are all AHPRA registered. This is important to keep you and your patients safe and compliant.

    Are Dermal Distinction Training courses accredited with the Dental Board of Australia?

    The Dental Board of Australia does not accredit continuing professional development courses or course providers, other than full Bachelor or University degrees. You may find more information here. Other accreditations such as CPD and ACRRM, or self-accreditation based credentials are not recognised by AHPRA. Our courses have been assessed and found to fall in the scope of dentists, following the applicable standards that are required for practitioners, and for patient care. They all are undertaken in an accredited dental practice which is important for compliance and patient safety.

    registered training organization
    Are Dermal Distinction Training a registered Training organisation?

    Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training is not a Registered Training Organisation and so does not offer Australian Qualifications Framework Vocation Education and Training qualifications such as Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Most injectable training organisations registered as an RTO, are registered in first aid or CPR education only.

  • Course dates and cancellations
    Can I change my course date?

    Think of your course enrolment as a concert ticket. Once you book, you are set to attend that date.
    Quite simply, we don't have the wiggle room. Your course date is non-refundable and non-transferable. Our courses are limited to small numbers of practitioners to allow a great trainer:injector balance. This means that your attendance is important. Behind the scenes, we organise patients, products, trainer availability and much more for you. Everything is booked in advance and we rely on your attendance to meet compliance requirements.
    Only under exceptional circumstances can we change the course date, and this is solely at the discretion of our director and based on course date availability. You must strictly give us at least 6 weeks notice if you are unable to attend the original date that you have nominated to allow us to plan.
    If you cannot attend your chosen practical day, you will lose your practical booking. We will run the course as scheduled, and it is important that you attend. There is a $1500 practical rebooking fee if you miss your practical date.

    What happens if a course is cancelled?

    Courses which do not receive sufficient enrolments are subject to cancellation. If a course is cancelled, a full refund will be provided. This is also the case with COVID restrictions. Dermal Distinction and Dr Giulia D'Anna are not responsible for any associated expense e.g. accommodation or travel, or for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration, cancellation or postponement of an event. 

  • What are your terms and conditions?
    What are your terms and conditions?

    1 Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training reserves the right to exclude individuals from registering and/or participating in any course on reasonable grounds. This is inclusive of practitioners that Dr. Giulia D'Anna does not feel are suitable for training in our facility.
    2 All course attendees must conduct themselves in a reasonable and professional manner. If Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training receives a complaint about the conduct of a course attendee from a member of staff, course presenter, patient, or another course attendee, Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training may, acting reasonably, cancel the attendee’s registration in the course and/or exclude the attendee from participating in the remainder of the course, or Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training courses held in the future.
    3 If a course involves patient treatment there are additional mandatory requirements for participants which include but are not limited to complying with Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities. After care of patients is the responsibility of the treating practitioner. Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training will provide mentoring and support.
    4 Dermal Distinction Cosmetic Training is subject to the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) which can be viewed here: https://ovic.vic.gov.au/privacy/your-privacy-rights/

  • Tell me more about your product store
    Syringe icon
    What products do you have available?

    We have a range of dermal filler, botulinum toxin and other consumables available for sale. We do not display these unless you have an account as we are prohibited from doing so by TGA and the product distributors. We know that this causes some frustration, but it is important that we abide by the relevant legislation around Schedule 4 pharmaceuticals.
    Creating an account is easy, and you can apply here: ACCOUNT APPLICATION

    Can I purchase products and other supplies?

    Yes, but we need to check that you are registered as a dentist, medical doctor or registered nurse beforehand. Please apply for an account HERE. You will need to supply your AHPRA certificate. Once approved, we will send you an email with a store sign in link.
    Please use an email address that is linked to the practitioner only, as this email address is used for 2-factor authentification.

    damaged products
    Can I return Schedule 4 drugs if I order the wrong one?
    What if my delivery is lost or damaged?

    Unless the pharmaceutical is not fit for use, we cannot accept returns of Schedule 4 drugs. It is important that you check your order as soon as it arrives to ensure that there are no concerns with your product delivery. All deliveries are insured and tracked. If your order arrives damaged, you will need to raise this immediately with Australia Post. You can do that HERE.