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I am excited to meet with you soon and get started on your Cosmetic Injectables journey.

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Cosmetic course Structure

The cosmetic injecting course workflow is based around 3 main components so you can learn at your own pace.

Component 1. e-learning covers a very detailed look at anatomy, safety, techniques and protocols for cosmetic injecting. This education is important to complete & understand BEFORE the practical. At least 90% of the e-learning must be complete before you can treat a patient.
Step 1. Undertake your e-LEARNING COURSE, and you will also receive a certificate on completion.
Step 2. Select a patient - read the guidelines found in your course Dashboard. Upload all the documents.
Step 3. Organise your hotel, dinners and transport. Attend the practical. See you soon!
Component 2. The practical session is all about developing hands-on skills. Although we cover some theory, the practical is designed to be revision only, as well as discussing the business aspects of injecting.
Component 3. Coaching session & mentoring after your course. This helps to improve your skills, improve competence and to develop confidence.

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The practical day

Our practical days are structured to run different programmes on the same day. This is an exciting way to see multiple treatments, whilst completing your own course.
The day starts at 8.30am and runs until around 5pm. We will cover some theoretical concepts, with the main focus on practical patient treatments.

Aesthetics Chatroom

Aesthetics Chat app DDTA
Everybody learns from each other, including us at DDTA. We have sent a link to you to invite you to join our Aesthetics members chatroom. Here you can share cases, keep up to date, learn new protocols and read about changes in the industry.
Steps to activate:
1. Click on the link within your e-learning portal
2. Set up your profile and that is it.
3. Follow the instructions to verify your email address. So easy!
There is also a phone app!